Investors in Pupils

What are Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils is a charter mark designed to develop pupils' responsibility and participation in their own education.  It can empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising standards throughout the different Key Stages. It is based around 5 key themes:

  • Behaviour
  • Learning, including Target Setting
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Classroom Management
  • Induction of Staff and Pupils

Throughout this academic year, staff and pupils at Kenningtons Primary Academy will be working hard to maintain this award with a reassessment.

What does it involve?

The programme involves pupils in decision-making and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to the five key areas.


All children will choose their own learning target to work towards. This target should be based upon the five key areas and will be discussed with an adult. These will be reviewed together each half term. The children will find out about some of the learning that the adults in school do too. This target can be found in the back of their Reading Record.


Every class will design and create an “Induction Book” to show visitors and new children about everyone in the class.


Every class will discuss and create a vision, which says how they want their class to be. These mission statements will be displayed in each classroom and under the 'Core Values' section of the Schoo website..


Pupils will be encouraged to come to school every day and on time. Each week, the class with the highest attendance in Key Stage 1 and 2 will be awarded the Attendance Cup to display in their classroom.

Classroom Management & Responsibilities

Children will learn about resources and how to look after them. There will continue to be an array of jobs that children are responsible for at school and they will meet regularly to discuss how to improve the school through their responsibility. There will be some new and exciting roles and responsibilities introduced.