Thurrock Trailblazer is an innovative programme of high-quality arts and cultural activities, visits to heritage sites and specialist teacher training, that boosts creative learning in schools and accelerates pupils' development.


Year Group

Project Overview


Roll Up, Roll Up

The show includes a 45 minute - 1 hour performance with a 20–30-minute workshop at the end where each pupil will have their chance to become a circus performer.


Chinese Experience

In the Chinese Ribbon and Fan Dance Workshops, pupils will see a short demonstration before learning the different movements and styles using props. Pupils have the opportunity to perform with a group to traditional Chinese music. 

In the Chinese Magic and Origami Workshops, pupils will learn about Chinese culture through the art of Origami and have the opportunity to learn how to create their own Origami art such as birds, stars or Chinese letters and fans.


African Experience

Pupils have the opportunity to work with experienced musicians and dancers from across the world to learn Zulu dance, as well as other elements such as learning traditional drumming and Zulu A cappella singing and harmonising in the style of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 

There will be a chance to explore and interact with props and try on traditional Zulu costume to fully immerse themselves and gain an understanding and appreciation for the African Zulu culture.


Royal Opera House

School’s Matinees, The Nutcracker (Ballet)

Children attend a matinee performance of The Nutcracker, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London


High House Production Park Tour

Tour of workshops where they make sets/costumes for the Royal Opera House productions


Ceramic Techniques, Gateway Academy

In this single day workshop, pupils will design and create a ceramics sculpture. Design focuses on the design and make process, allowing pupils to plan and create a fully formed clay sculpture, and experiment with texture and surface pattern. Pupils will then create their own sculptures, firstly sketching their ideas and then forming them in clay.


Indian Experience

The Bollywood Dance Workshops, and Indian Folk Dance and Storytelling Workshops encourage pupils to experience Indian culture through storytelling and different dance styles from different regions. Pupils will experience dances from Tamal (South), Gujarat (West), and Punjab (North). These workshops can also include stories from Hinduism to link with Diwali, Festival of Lights.


WW2 Workshop – Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain workshop introduces the period of the Battle of Britain, when and where it happened and who was involved. Pupils will find out how they, as residents of Thurrock, may have been affected by the impacts of the Battle of Britain. Core elements include What it was like being a pilot in the Battle of Britain, an introduction to rationing, experiencing an air raid and being evacuated. Other activities can be included such as: drill training in the playground or hall, degaussing and electromagnet experiment, WW2 card games, write a postcard home as an evacuee or a Battle of Britain Quiz.