Curriculum Overview

The Kenningtons’ Curriculum has been developed to ensure that pupils learn through real experiences as well as being taught within the classroom. It is based on the National Curriculum and the Statutory Early Years Foundation Stage framework

The skills and knowledge that the pupils must learn have been carefully mapped for each subject, ensuring progression within each year group and across year groups.

Subjects are generally taught discretely to ensure that subject specific skills are explicit within lessons.

We expect Pupils to be writers, readers, mathematicians, historians, geographers, artists, chefs, scientists etc. Lessons are planned carefully enable this.

Pupils experience many trips and have experts who visit them in school. This exposure to real life learning, puts what they have learnt in the classroom into practice.

These experiences are carefully mapped and are referred to as the 'Kenningtons Experience.’

There is a focus on the wider world, ensuring that pupils have an understanding of the world outside of their immediate environment.

Links are made between skills in different subjects when appropriate.

There is a life skill focus each within each year group ranging from self-defense to touch typing.