Our Curriculum 

At Kenningtons Primary Academy, we aim to meet the needs of all children through a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that encourages academic and personal success, in and outside of the classroom.

Once a week, in both KS1 and KS2, we have a Curriculum Day where learning is brought to life through purposeful experiences and meaningful links are made between areas of knowledge across the curriculum. Activities are carefully planned to address progression of subject knowledge and skills.  

Curriculum Day starts with a ‘Wow’ activity to create a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity related to the learning focus for the day. A key question is then introduced which links all the key learning points together for the day. At the end of Curriculum Day, the children participate in a team building task where they have to work together to apply the skills they have learnt during the day.

Kenningtons Primary School is very proud to be a Thurrock Trailblazer School. In partnership with Thurrock Council, the Royal Opera House works with local, regional and national arts organisations to deliver cultural education in Kenningtons and other local schools. For more information about this, click on our ‘Cultural Learning’ link.