It is very important that all parents are registered with ParentMail. School letters, newsletters, learning overviews and event invitations are all issued via ParentMail. You must also pay for school trips, school dinners, breakfast club and any other expenses via ParentMail.

Letters informing parents of upcoming school trips, Parents’ Day and other events are issued via ParentMail. In cases where parental consent is required (e.g. school trips) or where appointment slots need to be booked (e.g. Parents’ Day) parents must do this online via ParentMail.

The school newsletter is issued via Parentmail every fortnight. The learning overviews (Nursery – Year 6) are issued via ParentMail on a termly basis. You may also access the school newsletter and the weekly learning overview on the school website.

It is a parental responsibility to check ParentMail regularly. It is possible to access ParentMail from a computer or from a mobile phone via the ParentMail app. Parents may access ParentMail from the computers in the School Office if they do not have the facilities to do so from home. Please speak to the School Office if you have trouble accessing or using the site.

Set Up ParentMail