Kangaroos - Miss Aylett

Kangaroos - Mrs Mack


In Kangaroo class we look after our things and each other! We try our very best to use our walking feet around the school and to sit with our legs crossed on the carpet. We know this helps keeps us safe! We try our best even if things are tricky and we are eager to learn lots of new things!


Class Target: We will remember to use our walking feet whilst we move around our school.

PE Days: Tuesday


Koalas - Miss Spr‚Äčing


We always try our best and give new things a go. We listen to everyone and we pay attention during lessons. We are kind and helpful to our friends and teachers. We use our manners, share resources and take care of our things.


Class Target: We need to remember to walk carefully and quietly, in a line.

PE Days: Tuesday


Learning Overviews

Summer Term 2

Spring Term 2

Spring Term 1

Autumn Term 2

For Week Commencing: 18th September 2023

For Week Commencing: 11th September 2023


Introduction to First Sounds and Blending: s, a, t, p, I, n, m, d, g