Year 3

3G - Mrs Goyette


We are a kind, caring and respectful class, who try to be hardworking, focused and resilient in all areas of our school life. We want to be challenged and fascinated with learning that is fun and exciting so that we continue to love coming to school every day.


Class Target: We will avoid calling out so that everybody has time to think, concentrate and has a chance to share their ideas and thoughts.

Class Champion: Dabi | Health and Safety Monitor: David | Eco-Warrior: Godson

PE Days: Wednesday & Thursday


3HG - Miss Helleir


We are 3HG: We are a kind, helpful and lovely class who enjoy being lively and active. This year we want to make our learning fun and experience lots of trips and visits. We like to be adventurous with our learning. We are going to achieve this by following instructions and listening to all adults. We think we are an amazing class and can’t wait to learn more!


Class Target: We want to tuck our chairs in when we leave our space.

Class Champion: | Health and Safety Monitor: | Eco-Warrior:

PE Days: Wednesday & Friday


Learning Overviews

Summer Term 1

Spring Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

For Week Commencing: 25th September 2023

For Week Commencing: 18th September 2023