Summer Event

Welcome to our Summer Event 2023, “The Sound of Musicals”.

This is our annual music whole school event showcasing excellent achievement, high standards, inclusivity, respect for each other and well- being of body and mind.

Every year the excitement starts to build with a whole school assembly during the summer term, in which the Headteacher reveals the theme for the event. She then builds the excitement by enthusiastically announcing which song each class will be performing for this event. This year, in line with the theme, each class received a song from varying musicals across the ages, including ‘Singing in the Rain’ to the more modern ‘The Greatest Showman’.

While music rehearsals are in full swing at school with students, the script and logistics that links all the songs together is secretively being worked on and written in the background by the Summer Event Team.

After many rehearsals in class and even outdoors on the grass, where three stages were outlined/marked, the excitement further intensifies with the arrival of the actual stage itself. This creates a great buzz for the whole school community every year.

After sound checks and a few dress rehearsals, we are finally ready to perform with an array of colourful costumes and accessories arranged by each class teacher. Of course, this event will not be possible or complete without the full involvement from our parents and the wider community for whom we ultimately perform and showcase the children’s amazing talents.