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List of Governors
Mrs Sarah Sayers (Chair of Governors) Mr Roger White (Vice Chair of Governors)
Mrs Jo Sawtell-Haynes (Headteacher, Ex Officio) Mrs Jayne Shea (Staff Governor)
Mrs Jo-Anne Johnson (Staff Governor) Ms Nicole Mercer (Governor)
Mrs Shayo Anjonrin-Ohu (Governor) Mrs Caroline Clarke (Associate Governor)
Mrs Brooke Houghton (Parent Governor) Mr David Pavitt (Governor)
Mr Ashley Anzie (Parent Governor) Miss Jenny Green (Clerk to Governors)

Under the terms of the Academies Financial Handbook, September 2014, Item 3.1.19, Trusts must publish on their websites relevant business and pecuniary interests of trustees and members. Staff Governors (Mrs Jo Sawtell-Haynes, Mrs Joanne Johnson and Mrs Jayne Shea) declare an interest in matters relating to staff pay. The Kenningtons Primary Academy Governing Body has no additional current relevant business or pecuniary interest to declare.


Governing Body Code of Conduct - October 2020

Members 2020 / 2021

Committee Membership 2020 / 2021

Areas of Responsibility 2020 / 2021

Register of Interest 2020 / 2021

End of Year Report 2019 / 2020

End of Year Letter to Parents 2019 / 2020


Scheme of Delegation
Pay & Personnel Committee Terms of Reference
Pupil, Admissions & Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference
Finance, Audit & Premises Committee  Terms of Reference