Each child at Kenningtons, from Reception to Year 6, has their own username for the maths website Mathletics.

This is an award-winning interactive site that aims to improve children’s maths skills through fun activities linked to the National Curriculum.

Aspects of Mathletics are:

  • Learning activities linked to all areas of maths.

  • Learning is individual: At their own pace, children can complete activities they would like to do or complete activities set by their teachers as part of their homework.

  • Children can choose an animated teacher that will explain any concept to the child in a step-by-step tutorial.

  • Live Mathletics: Improving mental maths skills by answering questions against the clock, whilst competing against other children from all around the world. Children can also invite their friends at school to compete against them. (Please note: This platform only allows members to compete in maths activities and is therefore safe. No other form of communication with members are possible.)

  • Problem solving games

  • Times tables: Children can learn their times tables through fun, animated songs as well at the brand new ‘Multiverse’ game.

  • Rainforest maths: Activities suitable for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children.

  • Concept search: Children can use the Mathletics dictionary to find out what different mathematical vocabulary means.

  • Clear charts to show children their strengths and areas for improvement. A child can complete any activity as many times as they would like.

  • Individual profiles: Children receive points for each activity they complete which they can then ‘spend’ on creating their own profile. The more points they earn, the more exciting their profile can be!

If your child does not have their Mathletics password, please see their class teacher or enquire at the office.