Curriculum Values EYFS

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The Characteristics of Effective Learning relate to how the children in EYFS learn. We believe that during a child’s earliest years, they form attitudes about learning that will last throughout their whole lives. In Nursery and Reception at Kenningtons, our aim is to provide the right support, encouragement and environment; nurturing the Characteristics of Effective Learning to occur; so that the children become creative and adventurous learners for their next steps in school and throughout all of their lives. In Reception and Nursery, we have a Characteristics of Learning display (with photo examples) which celebrates the different ways the children have been learning. Each week, a child from Reception is awarded a certificate relating to the Characteristics of Effective Learning.


Playing and exploring:
•I like to seek out things that challenge me
•I am willing to have a go
•I show a 'can do' attitude
•I enjoy taking risks, trying new things and learning by trial and error
•I show curiosity about objects events and people
•I show particular interests playing with what I know

Active Learning:
•I pay attention to details
•I am pleased when I meet my goals
•I can bounce back after difficulties
•I can keep focused on my activity for a period of time
•I keep on trying, even when it is challenging
•I have a high level of energy and fascination
•I am proud of how I accomplish something, not just the end result

Creating and thinking critically:
•I can think of ideas
•I can make predictions
•I make links and notice patterns in my experiences
•I can test my ideas
•I can check how well an activity is going
•I can plan and choose how to approach a task, solve problems and reach a goal


British values:

Self confidence, classroom rules, food bank/charity fundraising days, Democracy Day, library visit, road safety walk, role play areas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, fireworks, ‘All about me’ boxes.