Pupil Responsibility

Promoting British Values and Pupil Responsibility

Pupil responsibilities at Kenningtons prepare pupils for modern life in Britain and provide an introduction to the skills and values that they will need as an adult.  Both children and adults consider all roles and responsibilities important and the British Values are an integral part of the application process, carrying out the role and the development of the role.

British Value





Class Champions are selected by children in the class. All children are able to put themselves forward for the position.

Class Champion meeting minutes and records.

Class Champion visits to Mayor and Mayor’s Offices-details shared with class on return.

Democracy Day-choice of charities chosen by child candidates.

On-line survey for children to complete to collect their opinions of school jobs.

Class Champion projects, eg: books for corridors, new play equipment.

Pupils feel their voice is valued in our school. They have a say in activities and resources.

Pupils have an understanding of democracy in real life.

Pupils respect the views of others.

Pupils are able to work co-operatively in pairs and groups as well as in whole class situations.



The Rule of Law


Class Champion visits to Mayor and Mayor’s Offices-details shared with class on return.

Completion of Health and Hygiene qualification for Food Specialists.

Health & Safety monitor training and duty, Health & Safety board (H&S monitors responsible for decision).

Class Mission Statement agreed by class.

Class Target – reward agreed as a class if everyone completes.

Pupils are able to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of pupils and staff at the school.

Pupils distinguish right from wrong and understand that rules ensure fairness and consistency for all.

Pupils understand the need for laws in real life and how suitable adaptations of these are part of school life.

Individual Liberty


Pupils engagement in charity events.

Pupil voice activities, including debates.

Democracy day debates.

Personal targets set by children not adults. Review of targets completed by children.

Pupils understand the importance of accepting responsibility and of their right to be heard in school.

Pupils are consulted on many aspects of school life and demonstrate independence of thought and action.

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

Pupil engagement in assembly visit. In the past year, KPA has been visited by speakers of Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim and Catholic faith. 

School RE Core Board detailing the different beliefs and cultures of our pupils.

Humanist visit.

Pupils are developing an understanding of peer's faiths and beliefs.

Pupils are more receptive to different ideas.

Pupils are challenging stereotypes e.g. Q&A session held with a white British Muslim.

There are many children in school who have extra responsibilities at Kenningtons!

Below are details of pupils who hold posts of Pupil Responsibility in 2018/2019