Investors In Pupils

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What are Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils is a charter mark designed to develop pupils' responsibility and participation in their own education.  It can empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising standards throughout the different Key Stages. It is based around 5 key themes:


    Learning, including target setting

    Attendance and punctuality

    Classroom management

    Induction of staff and pupils


Throughout this academic year, staff and pupils at Kenningtons Primary Academy will be working hard in order to achieve this award.


What does it involve?

The programme involves pupils in decision-making and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to the five key areas.


All children will choose their own learning target to work towards. This target should be based upon the five key areas and will be discussed with an adult. These will be reviewed together each half term. The children will find out about some of the learning that the adults in school do too.


Every class will design and create an “Induction Book” to show visitors and new children about everyone in the class.


Every class will discuss and create a vision, which says how they want their class to be. These mission statements will be displayed in each classroom.


Pupils will be encouraged to come to school every day and on time. Each week, the class with the highest attendance in Key Stage 1 and 2 will be awarded the Attendance Cup to display in their classroom.

Classroom Management & Responsibilities

Children will learn about resources and how to look after them. There will continue to be an array of jobs that children are responsible for at school and they will meet regularly to discuss how to improve the school through their responsibility. There will be some new and exciting roles and responsibilities introduced.


Class Targets / Missions Statements / Class Champions / Investors in Pupils

Summer 2019




Nursery Class Target: We will try really hard to use our words to help us learn how to share our toys with our friends.





Kangaroo Class Target: Kangaroos would like to learn to play nicely together at lunchtimes and to remember to put their hand up during lessons


KA Mission Statement: Kangaroos always try hard to listen and learn to write their names. We try to be good at tidying up and playing nicely with our friends.



Koala Class Target: We will try to choose more difficult activities, such as writing tasks and maths challenges, through our independent play.


KO Mission Statement: We will be kind to our friends and keep trying our best. We will not give up and we want to learn. We know that we will do well if we listen to the adults that work with us.



1K Class Target: To always sit and listen appropriately during every carpet session.


1K Mission Statement: In 1K we are learning and having fun while we do it! We will try our best to always be kind and helpful to others, making sure we listen to everyone in our class. Our aim is to try our best in every lesson.

1K Class Champion: Akshara

1K Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Freddie



1M Class Target: To ensure that our locker doors are always shut and that nothing is hanging out of the lockers.


1M Mission Statement: In 1M we will always try our best, we will stay quiet on the carpet, we will put our hand up if we have a question, we will keep the classroom tidy at all times and we will always listen to our teachers and friends. 

1M Class Champion: Emily

1M Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Zarah



2JV Class Target: To settle quickly to an activity so that we have enough time to produce the best work that we can.


2JV Mission Statement: 2JV are a kind and caring team. We are proud of what we do and we always try our best. When things are tricky we are fixers who never give up.

2JV Class Champion: Alfie

2JV Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Oliver




2T Class Target: To organise ourselves quickly and quietly when we come into class.



2T Mission Statement: In 2T we are always kind to each other and include everybody in everything we do. We always try our best and help each other to achieve our goals.

2T Class Champion: Lily

2T Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Callum



3B Class Target: In 3B we will stop when our teacher signals and listen to the full instructions, before starting to comply with this request. 


3B Mission Statement: In 3B we will always complete the tasks set to the best of our ability and present this neatly.

3B Class Champion: Madeline

3B Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Aalia



3M Class Target: We are working on using all of our time in class better. We hope to use more of it for learning.


3M Mission Statement: 3M desire to be a hardworking, friendly class that support each other by listening carefully to one another, be positive at all times and strive to be leaders in our school community. We aim to never litter and will play our role in keeping our school grounds welcoming.

3M Class Champion: Isabel

3M Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Phoenix


3N Class Targets: To write our date and LO within 2 minutes

3N Mission Statement: In 3N we always take pride in ourselves and our work. We put 100% effort into every lesson so that we can achieve our targets. We are respectful towards everyone in school and are kind and caring as we understand how to be good friends.

3N Class Champion: Erin

3N Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Avein



4C Class Target: To respect school equipment and keep our learning environment tidy.


4C Mission Statement: We’re generous; we share and are caring. Every day, we help each other to learn by respecting our peers. We listen so that we can achieve our goals but still have fun!

4C Class Champion: Aboo

4C Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Grace



4H Class Target: To minimise distractions in class by staying focused and concentrated on the task. 


4H Mission Statement: 4H are a class of respectful children who love to learn. We take pride in our work and persevere through challenges. We strive to work as a democracy that encourages and supports those around us, by building each other up rather than breaking each other down.  By working collaboratively, we come together as a team. 

4H Class Champion: Melody

4H Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Teddy



4S Class Target: To identify whether a problem is something I can appropriately deal with myself or if it requires the help of others.  


4S Mission Statement: We are 4S and we recognise that everyone deserves the chance to be heard, respected and believed in.  We all work as a team to become the best we can be.  We understand that making the correct choices and being a good friend will help us to achieve these goals.

4S Class Champion:  Darcie



5B Class Target: To line up in a straight line, facing forward and without talking within 2 minutes of the whistle going.


5B Mission Statement: In 5B we will show respect to one another by not talking over each other and listening carefully.  By being respectful, we can also teach others how to be kind and thankful.  If we make mistakes, we will learn from them by trying again, which will help us achieve our goals.

5B Class Champion: Harrison

5B Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Indiana



5W Class Target: Our target is to line up quietly in a straight line. Each time we do, we will receive a gold star. If we receive 100 gold stars across the term, we will be rewarded with a movie and snacks day.


5W Mission Statement: In 5W, we will be passionate learners who will put in amazing amounts of effort into every piece of work to achieve our potential. We are not afraid to make mistakes because we can learn from them. Also, we will help others, both in and out of the classroom, using teamwork, compassion and a positive attitude. Look out for our smiley faces and our kind, friendly personalities!

5W Class Champion: Jessica

5W Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Brooke 



6N Class Target:  To improve our transitions between lessons by lining up sensibly when required and entering the building calmly and ready to learn.


6N Mission Statement: We are a team, a supportive network, made up of 30 well-mannered and enthusiastic children. Each day, we will arrive in a positive frame of mind ready to face the challenges thrown our way. We will achieve our goals by working well collaboratively; listening when instructed to and always giving 100% whatever the task. By the end of year 6, not only do we crave great SATs results, but we also want to improve as human beings ready for life at secondary school, college and whatever the future may hold.

6N Class Champion: Rosie

6N Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Demi



6K Class Target: Our target is to have the correct PE kit every week so that we learn good habits for secondary school.


6K Mission Statement: We are 6K: A class full of bright and friendly children, who work hard at everything we do. We respect others and are sensitive to their feelings and beliefs. Our environment is important to us so we respect property, our surroundings and the world. Our aim this year is to achieve our personal best in our SATs and prepare ourselves for secondary school.

6K Class Champion: Samuel

6K Investors in Pupils Ambassador: Georgia