Feedback for the school


Parent feedback continues to be positive in the Parent Questionnaire 2019. Please click (here) to view.




Parental Feedback for the Year 6 Interhouse

We would like to thank Year 6 parents for completing feedback slips to let us know their views on what went well at the Year 6 Interhouse and what changes they would like to see in the future.

Parents praised the organisation of the event and the behaviour of children.

“Very well organised and well behaved children and loved it.”

“Enjoyed the teamwork and gamesmanship of the children. They want to win on each event.”

As the Year 6 Interhouse took place outside on the school grounds, we trialled permitting each pupil to have two adults come to support them (historically we have limited the number to one adult per child). This was a success at this event and we will be looking at this model for future events.

“It was nice to watch smaller groups with our own child participating throughout...having both parents in attendance was good.”

In terms of suggesting ways to improve the event, parents have suggested potential changes such as amending the seating arrangements, changing the team organisation, adding “extra games” and to “get the adults involved” in future Interhouse events. We will continue to collect parent feedback throughout the year to help us keep improving events.





Our after-school Family Fitness sessions have begun and we are enjoying sharing the fun of getting fit with pupils and parents. 


"My daughter and I had such a brilliant afternoon!" Writes a Reception parent. "It took me back to my school days and how fun it all was. Hearing my daughter cheering me on, on the circuit made my heart swell." 

Sportsquest, who have been contracted by the school to lead the sessions, have been praised for the quality of their health and nutrition advice, not to mention their motivational skills!   




We received wonderful feedback for the Kenningtons World Carnival Event (here). Seventy-five parents 'liked' the final event post on Facebook and eighteen left congratulatory comments which we were delighted to read.


"The costumes were amazing and it was clear to see that all the children and staff were very enthusiastic and having a great time. What a perfect ending to the school year!" A parent has written to us by email.




Throughout the school year, each year group takes part in an Interhouse Event. During this event pupils take part in competitions to win points for their 'Houses'. At the end of the school year the House Cup is awarded.  


"I had a lovely time seeing my daughter take part in the sports today. She looked like she was really enjoying herself and was very happy I could come and watch her take part." A parent emailed after the Year 1 Interhouse today.




In our Parent Questionnaire 2016 results, parents gave very positive feedback about the quality of teaching (98.9% agree teaching is 'good') and the school's efforts to promote healthy lifestyle choices to pupils (98.2% agree).


In the results of the Parent Questionnaire 2016 (here) we have compared our school results (blue) to National results from ParentView (green).




Parent feedback continues to be positive in the Parent Questionnaire 2015. Please click (here) to view.




We were delighted to receive a thank you email for our latest set of 'Positive Postcards'. It is really good to hear that pupils have enjoyed showing them to their leaders at local clubs and that they have provided a well deserved confidence boost!




The results of our Parent Questionnaire 2014 were really positive; particularly in terms of pupils enjoying school and the quality of teaching. Please click (here) to view.




A message was received from the convenor of an after school tech programme  to thank Mrs Chatfield for the E-Safety web links (here) which were provided following an E-Safety course for parents at the school.




Our new way of admitting children into school in the mornings (see school newsletter 17.10.2014) has drawn positive feedback. Parents have commented on the reduced waiting time in the playground and one has even noted a difference in traffic flow in Tamar Drive!




We have received a lovely email to thank reception teacher Miss Bannon and her support staff for doing their very best to encourage pupil achievement (and instil a strong sense of enthusiasm for school in the bargain!)